Did you know that Family Child Care (FCC) provides families an opportunity to find reliable, licensed care for their children with benefits that may not be offered in center-based care? FCCs can support families with their community based locations, nontraditional hours of operation, and a diverse range of ages accepted in their program.

In 2020, Gilead Sciences, Inc. provided Build Up San Mateo County with a $50,000 grant to increase access to child care in the community. Together, we awarded 10 small FCC providers with $5,000 grant to help grant recipients expand their program license capacity to a large FCC license. The grants were provided at a time met by new legislation in Senate Bill 234 which removes barriers to operating a FCC business.

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A brief on the successful partnership that brought funding to Family Child Care (FCC) Home providers supporting their expansion projects designed to increase capacity from a small to large license.

Know your rights under SB 234

 Licensed Small and Large FCCs in Residential Zones are able to operate an FCC By-Right and cannot be requested to uphold special requirements such as a Zoning Permit, Business License, etc.

Cities and Counties cannot require FCCs to follow special conditions, such as Traffic Control, Parking, Noise Control, etc.

Cities and Counties cannot require FCCs to follow CEQA unless the same requirements apply to all the homes in your zoned area.

Cities and Counties must allow FCCs in Single-Family Homes, Apartments, Condominiums, Town homes, Duplexes and all other multi-family buildings.

You can care for up to six children in a small family child care home without landlord consent/permission. You can care for up to twelve children in a large family child care home without landlord consent/permission.

NOTE: If you want to care for up to eight children in a small family chlid care home you must meet certain conditions, including getting your landlord’s written permission (Cal. Health & Safety Code § 1597.44). Similarly, under certain conditions, you can care for up to fourteen children in a large family child care home, but you need your landlord’s written permission (Cal. Health and Safety Code §1597.465(d)).

Family Child Care (FCC) homes must follow the same requirements that apply to all other homes in the same zoned area. For example, if you are renovating a window in your home, the project must meet the city or counties Building Requirements as well as any Fire Safety Requirements.

Family Child Care providers obtained more protections when Senate Bill 234 became law effective January 1, 2020! To learn more about SB234 visit the Child Care Law Center