County Leaders and Community Groups Honor Young Children and Educators During the Week of the Young Child
Vaccines Distributed to Early Childhood Educators
San Mateo County Child Care Relief Fund Broad Coalition of Public & Private Support in Bay Area for Child Care
Corporations and Philanthropies generate $500,000 in support of San Mateo Child Care Relief Fund
San Mateo County Supervisors Allocate Additional Funds to Support Child Care in San Mateo County
San Mateo County Child Care Relief Fund Distributes $2M in Grants to Over 100 Child Care Providers
San Mateo County Supervisors Devote Funds To Support Child Care In San Mateo County
Build Up for San Mateo County's Children and Redwood City 2020 form a partnership to help support the child care sector.
Private and Corporate Donors Commit $300,000 to Help Solve the Child Care Shortage Crisis
San Mateo County Board of Supervisors approve funding to help increase child care spaces
Build Up receives major funding to expand and improve local child care and preschool options