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Watch Build Up San Mateo County Director, Christine Padilla, pitch the compelling reasons to fund child care in our 3-minute video with Promise Venture Studios.


This brief details the steps that were taken by Build Up San Mateo County to become a nation-first initiative using cross-sector collaboration to identify locations, funding and additional solutions to the child care infrastructure problem.


Building bridges

This report provides a practical toolkit for engaging new partners to support ECE as well as case studies to illustrate the potential for innovative business-ECE partnerships. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation highlights Build Up’s unique approach to the challenges and solutions for building child care infrastructure. By serving as a national case study, Build Up hopes to inspire businesses around the country to join together in a coalition with public and private partners in their community to tackle this infrastructure challenge.

Facilites taskforce

When San Mateo County was forced to return approximately $1 million in state preschool funding due to a lack of space for programs in 2016, local ECE leaders commissioned a task force and survey which identified “lack of funding” and “difficulty finding an available site” as the top two barriers child care and preschool providers face when exploring program development or expansion. Their recommendations lay the groundwork for BUSMC.