Interview with Kiyomi Yamamoto

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Kiyomi Yamamoto

Meet Silicon Valley Community Foundation’s new Director of Housing!

Kiyomi Yamamoto is currently focused on affordable housing issues because it is unconscionable to accept unstable and uninhabitable living conditions as viable options for our neighbors, especially when we can all play a part in taking care of each other.


Her career encompasses policy advocacy and government relations with proven success in the areas of land-use and housing, environment and climate, and systemic change. She has experience working with federal and municipal governments, nonprofit agencies, corporate-government relations, and other community-based organizations.


As a fourth-generation Japanese-American living in the Bay Area, equity and community service are at the center of Kiyomi’s work. Her family began its 120-year history in this region, as sharecroppers and farmers in the “Valley of the Heart’s Delight.”  They experienced overt discrimination, were exploited to work the land and yet prohibited from owning it.