Using Maps to Plan for Child Care – San Bruno Case Study

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In 2018, the San Bruno Community Foundation provided a grant to First 5 San Mateo County to better understand the shortage of child care and preschool in San Bruno, and to use maps to determine the ideal locations for new child care development that are linked to families’ housing, places of employment, and transit. The full report includes maps and recommendations to plan for future child care and preschool expansion. Maps are complemented with a summary of child care supply and demand and land use considerations. We also assessed current proposed developments that are in the early application and planning stages to understand the potential for including child care spaces. All of the maps developed for this report can be viewed at

Key findings from the project include:

  • Families need more child care and preschool programs with schedules to meet the needs of working families, more spaces for infants and toddlers, and more funding to increase the supply for low-income infants/toddlers and full-day subsidized preschool.
  • Family Child Care homes need supports to offer more spaces to the community. 
  • The City has the opportunity to include policies supportive of child care development in its zoning code update and long-range planning, and to consider families’ child care needs in future developments.
  • The needs for child care and preschool vary considerably by census tract within the City.

To learn more, download the Executive Summary or the Full Report.


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